New Construction Template

At the Fan Creations Wiki, we have currently been managing the foundations, adding CSS, and simply ensuring that the wiki stays healthy and active.

One of our most primary templates, the construction template has been used optimally, however, we cannot deny that the template was the 'best looking', and we can most certainly claim it's a controversial-looking template, so we've decided to updated it. Here's a written description of what has been altered:

  • Complete background. As you can obviously see, the background is now spirited and yellow, the replacement of our old and gloomy grey background.
  • Imagery. We have replaced the widely known Exclamation mark red image with a nicer looking golden tool icon, which now links to the template page itself. It's like a better version of Fix-it Felix!
  • Text colors. We have replaced the treacherous, lifeless blackened text with the rich and powerful color of gold.

Now let's compare: File:Oldconstruction.png > File:Newconstruction.png


  • January twenty-eighth, 23:14: Replica of original construction template created. (link)

So, what are your opinions? We'd love to have some suggestions in the comments below! 19:35, January 28, 2015 (UTC)