Wikia's unnecessary modifications

For those that haven't yet seen it, I highly suggest you read this before continuing onwards with this forum post.

Wikia has been giving us a lot of negative new features lately, and a lot of them have inflicted great damage here. Recently, we fixed up the h1 (article title; the title of this is Wikia's unnecessary modifications), just to find that, a few days later, Wikia would destroy it once again. Wikia has removed the Photo Module, so again we fixed that by adding a substitute, and, because they made the global navigation, the Fan Creations Wiki repaired it by doing as much as we could; adding fonts - Wikia has disabled global navigation modifications. The h1, one of the best things here, has suffered Wikia's pathetic alterations. Out of my year (almost!) on Wikia, it's been tangible that Wikia has been very transparent with us; because of sheer negativity, Wikia finally came to the conclusion that they would edit the global navigation because of user frustration. But, I never thought it would be possible, they actually produced something worse than the global nav. That's why, after all of this controversy, I've come to the resort that we discuss this now. A lot of wikis have suffered Wikia's "improvements", and, of course, this means that there's something to do about it: it got me thinking. The Global Navigation episode managed to get Wikia to finally change the global nav and ultimately soften, which means that if we can show enough wanting of change, Wikia may remove this ugly new h1.

I doubt anyone will be reading this but, for all it's worth, comment below on what you think we should do. DRAGONLEAF5678 15:49, April 28, 2015 (UTC)