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Amiibæ is a fictional character who lives in Ireland with her master, Luke. She is his personal trainer and helps him to keep fit. She also has a boyfriend, called Amiiboy. When she isn't training Luke, she is hanging out with Amiiboy or buying new equipment.

She used to be a main character in Super Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU, but she got sick and tired of the fighting, so she strived on finding a new home. Luke, who had a personal interest in her, as well as her debut game, Wii Fit, took her in on the condition she kept him fit, and to this day, they have been the closest of friends!

She was an intern at Argos for 6 months, before returning to Luke on Tuesday, 30th December 2014.


Amiibæ helped Luke's gameplay of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS by giving him a great game, but she was still no match for Luke, as he beat her in 10 seconds, but nonetheless, they both enjoyed the game.

Amiibæ doesn't have to pay rent, whereas Amiiboy does, as he has no use except for making Amiibæ happy. Rent for Amiiboy costs £43 per month due to his laziness. This amount increases every month if Amiiboy misbehaves.

Amiibæ is yet to be compatible with Luke's device, but it has been confirmed that this year, she will be.


Amiibæ was born in China, but moved to the USA at birth. After about a month, she moved to the UK, but then after a month there she moved to Ireland. She is yet to move from Ireland, and it is unlikely she will.