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Boater Luna
Background information
Genre Fantasy
Creator(s) [to be confirmed]
First Aired On... March 7, 1892
Last Aired On... February 8, 1897
Number of Seasons
Number of Episodes 200

Boater Luna is a fantasy randome that was first aired in Hah-pan in the 1800's. It chronicles the story of Rabbit Moonfield, a fourteen year-old klutz who is told by a cat named Moon that she is actually Boater Luna—a planetary soldier reincarnated after a disastrous galactic battle that occurred thousands of years ago.

After learning this, Rabbit must journey across her town to find the other four Boater Heishi—teenage girls like her who are completely normal except for their origins—and save the world from an incomprehensible evil...while simultaneously trying to live a normal life.