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~ KCCreations (Talk) (Contributions)

LOCATION: Random Planet That Sorta Looks Like Mars, But Can't Be Mars Because It Is Able To Sustain Life
DATE: 08/12/2014
TIME: 08:37 MST

The planet was dead silent. There was no movement, no chattering of voices, not even any wind.

Then a voice broke the silence.


At one building, the automatic front door slid open to reveal a relatively young female adult. Reddish-brown hair fell over her shoulders in perfect, windswept waves, more noticeable by the intricate silver tattoos covering various parts of her face; a peachy pink, pantless jumpsuit covered most of her lithe and slender body; and where she was not wearing clothing, there was very light, sort of brownish skin.

The other inhabitants of the planet said that her sexiness was one of her greatest weapons. But—horrifying news to enemies—it wasn't her only one.

At the moment, she was carrying her signature weapon in her left hand: a pyromechanical pistol. Although not as deadly as, say, a solar rifle, it could still kill enemies within seconds. And that—as in, the fact that it was deadly—was what would matter that day. Heck, she'd already used it to her advantage just a few moments ago!

"Thank you, Little Ari," Ariana—the girl—whispered to the pistol.

Then she looked down at the metal pin that had been attached to her jumpsuit, near her waist. It was composed of a complex series of light grey lines...and nothing more than the insignia for the Planetary Dictators.

The Planetary Dictators. The very thought of them disgusted Ariana. Planetary Dictators had only one apparent mission in life, and that was to take over as many planets and enslave as many of their inhabitants as possible. Nobody knew if they had morals or ethics or any sense of right or wrong; all they saw were ruthless extraterrestrials with an insatiable need to imprison.

They'd already succeeded many times in the past, much to the horror of everyone. Entire paradisaical republics...gone and replaced with unforgiving dictatorships. Thousands of innocents had died, and many thousands more were left miserable and broken.

But Ariana was out to change that.

Without hesitation, she grabbed the pin and hurled it at the rocky ground of the planet. Then, clutching the handle of the pistol tightly, Ariana set out to find the outdoor prisons, not caring that her pumps stepped on the pin in the process.


[not yet finished; will continue]