Inactive users are ultimately users who have not logged in over the period of a month, but some are contrary and state it is two. As both of these periods are heavily argued, the Fan Creations Wiki claims that a month and a half is classified as inactive.

NOTE TO ADMINISTRATORS: If you haven't edited in a month and a half or longer your rights will also be revoked, as appearing on chat and logging in does not count.

Here is some common dilemmas or questions with detailed response:

What if I have rights and I'm going to be inactive for a while?

If you have a valued reason as to inactivity whilst in a certain position, such as holidays, long term and/or minor and/or temporary sicknesses, etc. If you are inactive for around half a year (six months), your rights will be vanquished.

What if I'm going to be inactive right before proposing to rights?

The majority of inactive users consist of users that have never contributed in any way whatsoever, but if you have been doing so and will be inactive for a while, you can structure a proposal to rights if you have been contributing at least 5 edits for the past week. If doing so correctly, you may schedule a proposal to your requested user right.

What if I've just proclaimed rights and I'm going to be inactive?

If you are a newcomer to user rights and are going to be inactive immediately, the same rules apply to the first statement. We recommend not to request for rights if you know you're going to be inactive immediately, as it is seen as a liability, as there is a limit to the proportion of users with rights.

Can I get my rights revoked at request if I'm inactive?

Yes, you can. It's only usually a good idea to get your rights abolished if your inactivity will be long-term, as if it is minor (around a week or so) you are not seen as inactive and your rights will not have been revoked as a request upon inactivity, but only as requested.
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