“Fanon is any element that is widely accepted among fans, but has little or no basis in canon [···] it's so common that newbies might think it's a canonical fact.”
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  Featured Article — Avenir, England
Ambrose Hill Castle

Castle of Ambrose Hill, Avenir

Avenir is the second most populous city of England with an urban area of 550 square miles and urban population of 6,785,339.
Since the 19th century Avenir has been a major European cultural hub of arts, music, literature, fashion, science, and commerce. Its metropolitan area accounts for 12% of the entire British economy, in addition to being the 6th most expensive city in the world to live in, ahead of Geneva, Seoul, and Copenhagen, as well as the nation's capital.

  Featured Media — Team Zero
Team Zero logo

As seen in its debut game

Team Zero is a group of juvenile malefactors that are centred around stealing Pokémon from trainers and experimenting on them. Created a reformation of the notorious Team Rocket, this formal group yearns to shroud their past in complete shadows, completely wishing to clean away all memory of their past.

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