Mariana Volumoso
Mariana Volumoso (Censored)
Gender Female
Birthday June 26, 1993
Age 21
Height 5' 1"
Occupation Singer/songwriter, former actress

Mariana Volumoso is a singer/songwriter who was born in an unnamed city in 1993. She has become very well known in the face of pop music since she began her musical career in 2013.


Prior to becoming a singer, Mariana had played the role of Kitten Christmas, a perky musical high school student with an obsession with parodying, in the television comedy SuprEMMAcy. After the show had ended, she had starred in the sitcom Tam and Kitten alongside the well-known iGnarly actress Annette McBirdy.

In June 2013, Mariana released her first album: Mine Falsely.

The next year, in late April 2014, her second studio album—Your Nothing—was released. Various singles such as Snap Out (feat. Zenith), Dilemma (feat. Eggy Chrysanthemum), and The Direction (feat. PC Wheeler) were made available for download on MySongs prior to this date.

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