One of the very first events by MopDoppler Entertainment Inc. was at the British E3 event in Cornwall, England, from June thirteenth to June fifteenth. Many say that MopDoppler's official E3 press conference was one of the most enticing, enjoyable and largest, using several of the founders and co-founders as their main presenting base.

Press Conference Tweaks

  1. Zedd: Triple Deluxe
  2. Zedd: Excalibur
  3. Zedd: Ignition
  • Infinity to be released mid-December 2030, taking advantage of the INTELLIGENT Systems
  • New laptop under development
  • Several projects under development for near future
  1. Project Dust currently active, meaning that all glitches and bugs ("dust") derived by fans are to be fixed and explained as soon as discovery.
  2. Project Scrap currently inactive, meaning that all older consoles created by MopDoppler Entertainment Inc. were no longer supported
  • New Techno console under development
  1. New Dario game to be released momentarily after the release of the new console
  • PuzzlePix HD series to feature its final game in mid-2032
  • Collaboration made and signed with Nintendo of America; new Pokémon game under development