Muses are magical superhuman geniuses that defend various celebrities, and the main characters of the game metaseries of the same name.


It is unknown exactly how Muses originated; however, there have been many theories on how. Some mythologists say that they are descendants of the original Greek Muses; many sci-fi buffs theorize that they were normal human babies who were kidnapped from hospitals, subjected to genetic alterations, then returned (for some unexplained reason); and then there are the fangirls/fanboys who don't really care where they came from, and are just unbelievably obsessed with them 'cause they're magical.

Known Muses

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The Muses in this arc have sworn to defend the celebrity Zenith. Their powers and order of discovery are based upon the songs in Zenith's debut album Lucidity.

  1. Muse Chronos
  2. Muse Blade
  3. Muse Spectrum
  4. Muse Aquarius

Modern-Day Impact

Muses have since become an international pop culture icon, with the concept spawning everything from delusional(ish) fans to official conventions. Muse Blade, the second Muse of the Lucidity arc, is commonly used in art and television as a symbol of creativity, determination, and self-expression.

Despite numerous pros, however, the creation of the metaseries has also ultimately resulted in some of the most bizarre happenings of the last two decades. A well-known example of one occurred at a Zenith concert in May 2020; a group of crazed fangirls, lead by their anonymous genius of a leader (who was also the creator of the metaseries' Lucidity arc), masqueraded as the Lucidity Muses in a failed attempt to get Zenith to reveal various things. Two of their most asked questions were: "When are you going to release your next album?" and "Where do you live?"

It was also revealed in a survey that, out of every 100 people who have played Muse, 96 of those had above average IQ's. Out of those 96, 90 of them had grown to love at least one of the following three Muses:

  1. Muse Codec (the born-to-hack sixth Muse in TLA)
  2. Muse Stache (the inventive seventh TLA Muse, as well as Codec's partner-in-crime)
  3. Muse Epos (the readaholic tenth TLA Muse)