Surudoi Kuma (1)
球磨 鋭い (Kuma Surudoi)
Background information
Television programs Clear 14
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration You really don't want to know...
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Second Clarity
Personality Unbelievably solemn for her young age
Birthday September 2, 2292 (age 13)
Occupation Member of the Clear 14
Affiliations The Clear 14
Goal Annihilate the Futōmeina Republic
Home Nowhere specific; she's always on the run
Allies The rest of the Clear 14
Likes Feeling powerful
Dislikes Feeling helpless
Powers and abilities Her knowledge of mechanics
Weapons "Claw"—her torque wrench— and "Ursa"—her communicator
Quote "Save it, shave it, rave it, I don't care. Just as long as she's alive."
Surudoi Kuma (球磨 鋭い, Kuma Surudoi) is a member of the Clear 14, a rebel group originating in the dystopian Second Tokyo. Known among the other members commonly as "The Second Clarity", she has made it her lifelong goal to eradicate the Futōmeina Republic—the sick and twisted Eastern empire that has killed thousands of innocents and enslaved many thousands more.


Early life

Surudoi was born the daughter of Toruku Kuma, a poor mechanic who lived on the outskirts of Second Tokyo. His wife (also Surudoi's mother) died giving birth, leaving him single and broke. In order to survive, he had to work very long and strenuous shifts, sometimes staying awake for days on end.

When Surudoi turned five, she began to help her father in his shop; at first she was unable to grasp the nature of mechanics, but she learned very quickly and was repairing entire hovercrafts herself within a matter of years. Over those years, she fell in love with her torque wrench—a gift from her father to her—and decided to name it "Ursa" after the celestial duo she'd only heard stories of.

Elementary Years

Toruku, being too poor to pay for most expenses, could not afford to send his daughter to school. However, nine year-old Surudoi was too curious to stay in the shop one not-as-busy-as-usual afternoon, she sneaked out of the shop and over to Furaito, a nearby private school. She managed to find an open window that revealed a classroom; inside, a teacher was teaching a group of tenth-graders about trigonometry. Surudoi listened for almost half an hour, then ran back to the shop; miraculously, nobody ever found out about this.

Joining the Clear 14

Surudoi and her father were walking to the nearby store to get some parts for a hovercraft when they walked straight into a shooting. The ten year-old was grazed in her right shoulder, though she survived without any other serious injuries; her father, however, was not so lucky, for he died of two bullets to the head. Surudoi, knowing of the Pact of Orphans—a law that stated that if a child has no surviving family members, they are to be killed immediately as to prevent inconveniencing anyone else—ran away as fast as she could do so with a hurt shoulder.

A month later, she was found by Tokei Gōrudo—the First Clarity—almost fifty miles from where she began. Tokei took her in like a daughter, and Surudoi soon became the Second Clarity.