The Lucidity system contains great planets such as Corsconia and Alderan planets that were both held in high esteem by the dictators. Of course after the destruction of Alderan, the lucidity system's orbit was partially slowed down; but only temporarily. After The Final Battle of Alderan, the planets within the galaxy were pelted by the remnants of Alderan, including extremely valuable materials: minerals, oils and subterranean treasures. Since its discovery in 782BKP(Before King Phelomnus), it was a fairly large system with three adjacent star systems.


The Lucidity System was at first discovered when a Exten person was traversing through space, keen to discover any signs of new life or humanity. To his luck, he discovered the galaxy which he later named The Lucidity System - since he thought the galaxy reminded him of hypersleep (as he had suffered it numerous times in the past) - and began studying animals on the uppermost planet in it, Corsconia. After discovering than life could easily bloom and flourish on the planet, he began, aside many of his accomplices, producing life using experimental machines, such as the T-Y-500. When Corsconia became industrial enough, life spread to other planets and different discoveries were made, and thus life on The Lucidity System began to sprout upwards - greatly.