The Zenith Tracker is a tracking device created by a crazy fangirl genius and her accomplice, both anonymous for multiple reasons. It was created after they longed to always know where the heck their favorite musical artist was and would be.


The tracking device is jet black, and, when closed, looks exactly like a flip-phone. The part that one sees when the device is closed has Zenith's signature letter Z painted onto it, with a small diamond of an unknown carat amount encrusted onto each end of the Z.

How It Works

  1. After activating the tracker with their voice, either the fangirl or her accomplice presses a small button that reads "Where Is Zenith Today?"
  2. The device immediately hacks into every social media network, celebrity info website, and email account that has mentioned Zenith possible; advanced stealth technology keeps its signal from being traced, and expert programming by the girl enables it to bypass most firewalls.
  3. Piecing together gathered information, the device gives Zenith's estimated well as suggestions on what to do if the location is within walking/driving distance.


The device has since been licensed to MopDoppler Entertainment Inc., who have since created many different variations of the device; two of the most well-known are the Stalky Finaj (meant to track television presenter Mickey Finaj) and the Anything Finder (title says it all).


At most American retail stores, the Zenith Tracker costs around $10,000 (approximately six-thousand, four-hundred twenty pounds in Britain), but certain online shopping sites (such as Nile) have been known to sell it for as little as a fifth of the typical price.