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  • Dragonleaf5678
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  • Dragonleaf5678

    Create Us A Wordmark!

    December 23, 2014 by Dragonleaf5678

    Well, title says all.

    Here at the Fan Creations Wiki, we're craving for new wordmarks - to spruce the wiki up. Bare in mind that this is not a competition, as every single wordmark given approval - that's right, every single wordmark given approval - will be seen on any page. Now, bare in mind as several wordmarks will be seen, yours might not pop up right away - so don't worry. But yeah, be sure to enter! Our only rule of our wordmark is that it's neat, and is 250 x 65 pixels long, and if you understand hexedecimal - #8b0000 colours (our wiki's official colour) - or if your software doesn't feature hexedecimal, you should be able to get the colours from a screenshot of our wiki's homepage. So anyways, good luck, and get right to it! Just showc… Read more >
  • Dragonleaf5678

    Many have commented on how entertaining the Darreled series has been to read, so I thought it would be fun to create a little quiz for all of you to answer.

    Basically, there is fifteen questions - very hard questions - for you to answer. You can always look back at the text for the questions, but make sure that it isn't for over half a minute - it spoils the fun! The winner will receive a nice Darreled avatar drawn exclusively by moi - so get started!
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    13:23, December 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Dragonleaf5678

    Sandbox Wiki

    December 7, 2014 by Dragonleaf5678

    Yep, you guessed it. The Fan Creations Wiki Staff are proud to present our recent project - our official test sandbox Wiki - the Fan Creationanigans Wiki. We hope for this to be seen as a plus in our Wiki community - and not just seen as a liability - so please submit all unused files, pages, and testing pages there - we are hoping this Wiki is a larger and better version of the average day user sandbox. We are also hoping this will be seen as a great way to entice people in. Random pieces of coding may commonly be seen - as CSS_ is also treated as testing there. If you have any CSS_ you wish to test, please contact a local administrator via their talkpage here, due to the determined lack of response foreseen.

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  • Dragonleaf5678

    Joining in the Fun

    December 3, 2014 by Dragonleaf5678

    The main reason Wikia stands here is because of the enjoyable expectations it has been thought to and does give.

    ...So I'm going to guide you around the Fan Creations Wiki and how to join in!

    You can only enjoy yourself if you want to enjoy yourself. Always join in on Projects, activities, and features the Fan Creations Wiki and Wikia has to give. The whole reason this Wiki stands here is because of how enjoyable it is to create things and learn - together! Chatting is always a huge key to get involved with the community - just always be nice to others, and they will be nice back. Making Blog Posts are always a nice place to hook up with the community - even if you're just letting them know what's up. Sticking to the rules helps others - includ…

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