Alright, I've been thinking, I am going to cry because it's over, and I'm never going to smile because it happened! This day has been a complete misery! I'll cry every time I hear or think about it, that's how bad it is! When life gives you lemons, you give the lemons back to the manager of life! That's how I feel!
Zack Grylls
Zack Bruno Grylls
Background information
Television programs
Video games Immortal: The Last Beacon
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Buddy Handleson[1]
Performance model
Designer Oliver Garcia and Danial Baig[1]
Inspiration Bear Grylls in a younger form[1]
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Zachariah Bruno Grylls the 3rd
Other names Yellow (by MC Grylls)[2]
Personality Naive, timid and intelligent[2]
Appearance(s) Immortal: The Last Beacon
Birthday 15th November, 2312[2]
Occupation None[2]
Goal To relinquish the world of its darkness[2]
Home The land on Earth (in the wake of the war, all islands and land masses merged due to heavy climate change and severe war conditions)[2]
Relatives Judith Grylls (mother)
John Grylls (father)
Maria Grylls (grandmother and guardian)
MC Grylls (twin sister)[3]
Pets Rocky the German Shepherd[2]
Allies Danial Holden
Oliver Clinton[2]
Likes Good berries, math equations and hiccups[4]
Dislikes Being put in scary situation, spelling mistakes and anything physical or sport-related[4]
Powers and abilities
Fate 1st game: falling off a cliff (panicking)[2]
2nd game: decapitation (he falls over and the pursuing monster beheads him and consumes his corpse)[2]

Zack Grylls, who was born on November 15th November, 2312, is one of the main protagonists in the Immortal series. Skilled in arithmetics, mathematical solutions and berry-picking, Zack is an intelligent and innovative adolescence, always inventing different machines to help guide himself and his friends on their path to safety. His intellectual ability and intuition usually earn him the role of the "brains".

Grylls' iconic appearance has made him a well-known character in the gaming community. His frequent bad puns, bubbly yet careful disposition and attack style have made him the most popular protagonist in the Immortal series, and is often used in fanfictions around the globe. Grylls even became the centre of a meme with some of his famous game dialogue.

As an adolescent

Zack Grylls-young

Grylls in a younger form. This image can only be sighted in-game when the player follows a specific sequence of events and choices. The file can be found in the in-game files as "ZG-young-3124". It is unknown what the numerical digits in the file name represent or signify.[5]

In his pre-teen years, Grylls spent most of his time in an exchange for the reading of books. As such, Grylls soon became a rather knowledgeable young boy; he was educated by himself, almost, because of the excess of factual books he read in his youth. However, soon after this obsessive tendency subsided, he began to indulge himself in things like raft building, pond dipping and tree climbing. Although physical activities were not of his favour, his knowledge of them had, in the long run, benefit him, as he began to embrace other hobbies. Grylls would generally retain a introverted, jolly and brash disposition: three qualities that contrasted the personality of his future self. Grylls was a fan of produce food, such as bread, fruit and cheese. Mostly unaware of what was going on in the outside world, Grylls developed even more curiosities than he already had; likewise, Grylls discovered what had happened in the outside world — how it was destroyed, and what wiped mankind from existence.[4]


Zack Grylls has lustrous blonde hair and beetle-like hazel eyes. He is always draped in a scarf due to his frequency to begin to freeze — the frequent ordeals he faces each day always bring him out of the shallow end or his comfort zone, therefore causing him to begin to freeze when frightened. Beneath his thick scarf is a purple mackintosh, and beneath that is a teal shirt. In addition, Grylls wears tomato red glasses, which can be sighted as an easter egg in many other games created by MopDoppler. His bespectacled appearance often gives spectators the impression that he is a gentle and quiet character, and he is, in truth, nothing short of that. Ebony jeans are another aspect of his appearance; over time, though, many holes and other forms of damage have touched his outfit. Likewise, his once-neat appearance has gradually been blighted by natural elements. Moreover, his skin is covered in cuts and scars due to these ordeals. The alluring colours of his appearance often attract dangerous fauna, putting him at the centre of attention when it comes to attempting to outrun pursuing beasts.


Grylls is a rather timid, meek and quiet character, who always aims to stay positive, even in the most dangerous of times. He usually retains a relatively positive mindset, and was born with the natural gifts of intelligence and curiosity. The complexity of his mind is almost unreal; he can measure objects without using a ruler; he can create boats and other facilities using a few wooden planks, screws and a roll of parchment, and he can pinpoint the exact location of his enemies without knowing any of their details. His talent is considered to be very rare, and his mathematical potency is treasured like a gem, and almost like a weapon when he and MC attempt to fend off enemies.[4] Pre-adolescent, he sat, hunched, drawn to the bookcase — this seemingly-useless tendency would later be the primary reason why he was so knowledgeable. Throughout numerous books and pieces of merchandise, it has been hinted that, each night, he would mourn over the passing of his Grandma, but he attempts to hide this other side of himself; to MC, this side is almost completely intangible. In addition, he has a timid disposition, which is often considered useless in circumstances such as his; however, his knowledge and bravery make up for this. He hates violence and fighting with all of his heart, and leads a healthy lifestyle, believing that peace and friendship is the right philosophy of life. He is a humanist — he loves helping people. On the contrary, he inclined to be a recluse, and had an usual, tangible shyness.[6]



  • Good berries
  • Math equations
  • Hiccups
  • Reading
  • His dog, Rocky
  • Seductive scents
  • The colour purple[4]



  • Being put in scary situations
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Anything physical/sport-related
  • Loud noises
  • Heights
  • The dark
  • Being proven wrong factually by MC
  • Insects
  • Arguing (whether it's him or another person)[4]


  • Acrophobia (phobia of heights)
  • Nyctophobia (phobia of the dark)
  • Entomophobia (phobia of insects)
  • Haemophobia (phobia of blood/ gore)[4]


1st game

In the first game, Zack is the easiest person to die; he can only be saved if all of his diary extracts are found. If any of them are missed, Grylls will die, regardless of what happens to the other characters.

2nd game

In the second game, Zack can be saved easily; if the player does not choose to send him out with the Stranger and instead chooses Danial or Oliver, he will live. If he is chosen, he will be outrun by a mutated orangutan, decapitated and eaten.

Zack Grylls' diary

Zack Grylls' diary details major details in his lifetime. Most pages can be found in MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.'s official magazine, but other diary extracts can be discovered through in-game DLC's, although some extracts can be found within the game. Finding the extracts count as in-game-decisions, and make an impact on what happens in the game. Finding all of them will ensure that Zack lives.[7]

There is over 15 extracts to be found, the most infamous being the very first extract, which details the events of 1st October, 2326; the extract also features messy handwriting and spelling mistakes.

  • Square brackets ([ ]) correct mistakes.

Extract one: 1st October, 2326[7]
I am distraught. Nan died earlier today. Watched her get ripped apart. We've sheltered under a wooden structer [structure]. I'm covered in blood, and my glasses snapped. MC is drowning in [her] own teers [tears]. I hope shes [she's] okey [okay]. I don't know what the hell to do. I'm stranded, no food, no water, sitting here, hunched over this diary. And now the incs [ink's] spilling, because I'm crying too much. I'm too tired, but why is God doing this to mee [me]?

Extract two: 2nd October, 2326[7]
We visited the house today, only to find it in ruins. Why God, why? Why? Why? My life couldn't be worse; one day, I'm looking into Gran's perfect hazel eyes, the next I'm scrutinizing her corpse. But looking at the remnants of our home was the worst. It made my tummy twist, it made my heart skip a beat. But I truly couldn't take it after I saw Mum's gravestone defaced. Those monsters scratched her beautifully carved named off, and they cracked every part of the stonework. I can vaguely remember the day Nan carved it, oh, why am I reminding myself?! Nanny! Where are you?! I love you! Come back, please!! I can't take it anymore!!

Extract three: 4th October, 2326[7][8]
I couldn't take another day exposed to all of those beasts. I had to create me and MC a shelter; she got the materials and fought the monsters off, and I built the home, underground, this time. It's actually quite warm, and I got a sense of accomplishment; something that I needed ever so badly. However, I was still too despondent to even care. MC's bed covers were as wet and salty as the Dead Sea.

Extract four: 15th November, 2326[7]
It's me and MC's birthday today; it's a shame we're celebrating our 14th in misery; there's no Nan giving us an ambrosial berry cake, there's no presents, just tears. All I could make MC was a boat out of a few planks of wood (it's a tradition for us kids to gift one another with presents), but this time, she was too tired and disconsolate to even accept it with any sort of glee; she gave me a weak smile and pushed it away. I got nothing except a rejected birthday present.

Extract five: 25th December, 2326[7]
The underground hideout is working. Now it's Christmas, I made MC some boxing gloves — I got a warm jumper. A positive day, today has been; something we've not had in what feels like an eternity. Being some of the last on Earth makes us feel special, but sullen at the same time.

Extract six: 18th January, 2327[7]
So much for the underground hideout! We were looking for some berries, and a herd of cow monsters swoop in randomly, like a tsunami. We were forced to resort to 'Plan B'; we had to use our emergency raft to escape the island. Luckily, we escaped without any major injuries, but a sea monster took a bite out of our raft. I'm glad Gran taught me how to swim; she was always a strong swimmer.

Extract seven: 27th January, 2327[7]
We were captured by two ninja-like men, who claim we were trying to 'steal something'. They have knives, and MC is losing it. God, help us, please...I don't know how this is of them is threatening to decapitate me if I don't give him 'the details of the beast'. I'm scared, hungry and tired. I can't take this much longer.

Extract eight: 28th January, 2327[7]
The two masked men revealed their identities; one of them sports a uniform-like outfit, and the other wears a distinctly-coloured jacket and jumper. They apologized for frightening us, but they claimed they thought we knew something about a 'beast'...they wouldn't give us any more details about it.

Extract nine: 29th January, 2327[7]
After two long nights of surprises [some horrific and some perfectly needed], I could finally settle down under the warm clutches of the burning fire. The two masked men — who go by the names 'Oliver' and 'Danial' —cooked us roast stricken; it was delicious. They cook it like Gran made it.

Extract ten: 30th January, 2327[7]
After waking up, I found that me and MC were completely alone; it was hard to believe whether it was a bad thing or good thing. However, me and Oliver were actually getting on well; we made conversation — he seemed just like me. Danial and MC spoke a maximum of 3 sentences before staring into the blazing orange fire, eventually giving in to their extreme drowsiness. I still had no idea where they were, but my first idea was that they were probably hunting for some more stricken — or the beast, as they like to call it. Me and MC decided to lie down in their small "cave", awaiting their presence. Unfortunately, no such thing followed.

Extract eleven: 31st January, 2327[7]
It had now become evident that we were alone. No sign of the two men, we decided to start searching — but that was a bad idea. A very bad idea. We were ambushed by flying bulls (you can't find them on our island), and they captured us, subjecting us to extreme heights, which truly activated my acrophobia. After a long 5 hours of flight, we finally arrived at where they were taking us — their lair. According to numerous sources I have read, their "lair" is a place no-one dares to travel to; it's a place of terror and murder. And the book was right; the walls were enveloped in blood, and rotting corpses were littered around the floor. Then Oliver and Danial stood, secured by ropes. They were drenched in bloody cuts and purple — yes, purple - bruises. They had clearly stumbled; both had distinct black eyes. They bellowed, "SAVE YOURSELVES!". I watched in horror the faces of the winged bulls; they looked hungry, it was a face of upmost terror; it, in a way, resembled the smile of Satan.

Extract twelve: 31st January, 2327[7]
The flying bulls secured us, too, with ropes, attempting to feast on our bodies. It never happened, though; MC's penknife allowed us to cut through the ropes and escape (with injuries). Danial lost a finger; he was in excruciating pain.

Extract thirteen: 1st February, 2327[7]
After escaping, we sheltered under our cave, after a two-day journey back home. We sustained minor bird-peck injuries and my glasses' lens shattered: that's why I carry a spare! We created another fire, and — AHHHH! NO! MC!

Extract fourteen: 1st February, 2327[7]
They captured MC. I can't take this anymore. We need to find her.

Extract fifteen: 3rd February, 2327[7]
We saw MC, but only briefly. She was stranded — reduced to only a vest and shorts — atop Mt. Icefern; I know what you're thinking, but the mountain isn't cold at all. We tried to get her, but it was a complete trap. We were ambushed and attacked vigorously — AGAIN! And, as a result, we lost MC.

Extract sixteen: 4th February, 2327[7]
We found MC, after 3 tiring days of hard work; we followed rags of her clothing. The only thing she wears that survived the ordeal in one piece was her hat; she seemed happy when she got it. She claimed that she was abducted and thrown to the ground, left to perish in harsh conditions, but we found her in time.

Extract seventeen (only possible to read if Zack lives): 18th April, 2327[7]
_____ (person who died: MC, Danial or Oliver) died. I'm in tears. (IF DANIAL: Even though I didn't know him that well, he was still my friend.) (IF OLIVER: I finally found someone like me! But God didn't approve of my finding, and he took Oliver away from me. A loss of someone who was truly special to me.) (IF MC: MC had a hard last few days; I am so sorry, MC. Even if we argued so frequently to the point where we blanked one another completely, I still loved you to pieces. Rest in peace, sister...) I thought we could all make it out together, but one life must be lost; we made a gravestone for _____ (person who died: MC, Danial or Oliver), right next to the beautiful forest. We all picked perfect berries and laid them outside of their grave. One day, maybe God will give (IF DANIAL OR OLIVER: him) (IF MC: her) back to us. God is unexpected; some things he does are bad, some are the best things ever...

Timeline of major events

  marks the date
  marks the event
15th November, 2312[9] 8th February, 2314[9]
Zack, along with his sister, MC, is born[9] Zack's Mother dies from the fatal disease of neurophomia, after sustaining a bite from an animal[9]
9th February, 2314[9] 31st July, 2317[9]
A gravestone is placed near the Grylls' dwelling, to commemorate the life of their Mother[9] Zack is diagnosed with neurophomia by his grandmother. He is fortunately saved by inches[9]
1st October, 2326[9] 2nd October, 2326[9]
Zack, MC and his grandmother are all pursued by beasts, after attempting to pick some berries from the nearby forest; his grandmother falls to the ground and is ripped limb from limb by hungry beasts[9] The Grylls home is set ablaze, and collapse, reducing all of the Grylls family's possessions to debris[9]
4th October, 2326[9] 18th January, 2327[9]
Zack constructs a new home a few miles south of his original home. The gravestone of his Mother is defaced in the destruction of his abode[9] Zack escapes the animal-infested island in chapter two of the first game, using a small raft[9]
18th April, 2327[9] 1st December, 2333[9]
Possible death in the first game[9] Possible death in the second game[9]

Family tree

  Pink represents female members
  Blue represents male members
  Grey text represents deceased members
  Black text represents alive members

Grylls family tree


With MC

MC Grylls

MC's character art pre-game-development

MC is Grylls' sister and, despite their constant disputes, fights and general seeming loathing of each other, they are, deep down, very fond of one another. When both in calm and ecstatic moods, they work together in a relentless pursuit of teamwork: they are constructive. Their very varied personalities do not combine well — take Grylls, for example, a calm, quiet and intelligent gentleman — this personality is of complete contrast to MC's; she is a rather rambunctious, insubordinate and dismissive individual. Likewise, mixing them is almost like mixing purple with brown; the final product is usually a vicious argument, controlled by the tempest of a nature that is MC's. On the contrary, in the long run, mixing these can sometimes give a positive end product — amalgamating the two can give a good output, on the occasion. As a result of mixing the two, you can get Zack's intelligence and witts coupled with MC's strength and stamina, which can be a good thing.

With Oliver Clinton

Oliver Clinton

Clinton's character art pre-game-development. Oddly, his sprite has an actual background; this does not happen with any other art

Zack is very fond of Oliver Clinton, since the two have a handful of things in common: phobias, hobbies, knowledge, and many other things. Grylls has craved all of his life to find someone who he could relate to; and Oliver was his "gift". According to some unused quotes found within the confines of the game's programming and files, there is a quote reading "Finally! Oliver, looking in the mirror is like looking at you!". Grylls often draws up planning charts and general escape schemes with Oliver, as well as sharing their knowledge. Their general unbreakable bond makes the two more upbeat and, when the duo put their mind to it, they can do almost anything they want.

With Danial Houston

Danial Houston

Houston's character art pre-game-development.

Grylls thinks nothing of Danial; they both only talk to be polite, and neither of them really retain a strong relationship. On the contrary, there has been numerous pieces of evidence that show that the two can hold stable and friendly conversations, but the two simply choose not to take that route. Participation in chat is almost unknown to the two, otherwise.

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