Zeddgehogs are fictional animals that appear in MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.'s Zedd game series. Engineered by the Clarity Corporation with help from some "fantasigenetic" procedures, they were designed to be ultra-allegiant protectors of the namesake and protagonist of the game series and his "gang".


The series's creator was inspired to create Zeddgehogs after her friend Shyy made a playful comment to her regarding a musical artist she liked while in Chat. The rest, they say, was "Claristory" (a fan-made wordplay on the words "Clarity" and "history").

Physical Appearance

Zeddgehogs look almost exactly like normal hedgehogs, but if one were to look closely at its quills from above, the points are colored black and form a geometric Z. The rest of its body is pure silver; Foxes describes it as "what you would get if someone dropped a bomb on a silver mine and gave the debris life."